Visit Stonehenge

A quick After-Effects animated ad meant to entice tourists to visit the historic and mysterious site of Stonehenge in the UK.  The challenge here was to combine text, imagery, and sound to create a 15 second animated ad that conveys a strong visual message and serve the purpose of bringing tourists to Stonehenge by exuding the awe and mystery of the historic place.

Designed using: PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects.

Photoshop was utilized to edit/enhance and remove unwanted background elements of various images. The images were then animated on seperate timeline layers in AfterEffects, then exported as a .mov file, transfered in .MP4 format into Adobe Media Encoder, and finally imported into Edge Animate to make the video both interactive and resizable.

Some images used via permission of Otherwise, all imagery created © 2007 -- Martin F. Tornil