Website for the Sarwal Lab at Stanford

Working closely with the members of the Lab, I created the primary design for this site, as well as its information architecture, which included detailed wireframes and a site map.  I also programmed the HTML, CSS, ActionScript, and javascript for the final building of this site.

Part of the creation process was to create an original branded color scheme, starting with Stanford‘s “Cardinal Red” (a requirement) then building around it.  The lab’s logo was slightly redesigned, cleaned up, and recolored to fit within the Web site’s branding scheme.  The lab also provided me with graphic imagery of their research, equipment, and personnel to include as saw fit; some of their research imagery was actually used to create custom page headers, as well as graphic “dividers”.

Originally, several static versions of the homepage were created to display different ideas for the site’s look before a final design was agreed upon by the lab members.  The final version of this site is fully cross-browser compliant, and pixel-perfect in regards to the original layout.  It includes such features as: CSS-programmed drop-down menus, a random image loader (under "Featured Lab Member", on the home page) -- Which loads a different lab member each time you refresh the page, a Flash rollover section on the “Lab Members” page, and an animated banner.

Applications used:  PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, and DreamWeaver.

Special interactivity programmed in:  JavaScript, ActionScript 2.0, CSS and HTML.

The Web layout was composed in Illustrator, with special image effects added through PhotoShop.

This site was programmed in table-less XHTML/CSS, with the layout and font style defined by style sheets.

All imagery and written content provided by the Sarwal Lab at Stanford, for possible usage on this site.

Homepage layout based on Stanford’s School of Medicine home page, per client’s request.

All original portions of website Design, © 2010 by Martin F. Tornil.