Recycling Poster

An 8.5"x11" poster meant to convey the importance of recycling.  The challenge here was to create a "concern" poster that is based on a single letter of the alphabet as well as a single font type.  I randomly chose the lower-case ‘r’ to build my design around, which conicidentally is the first letter in the word ‘recycle’.

My goal was to create an abstraction with a single font-type standing for the waste people create when they don't recycle. I believe the various elements are tied together well to get this point across.

Created using: PhotoShop and Illustrator.

The bulk of the poster was designed in Illustrator.  However, some of the graphics created in Illustrator were imported into PhotoShop in order to add effects, and then imported back into Illustrator for the finished version.

Recycling logo available through public domain.

Concept, production, and layout by: M. Tornil