Symantec Ghost Solution’s Group Web Page

I worked closely with the Ghost Solution Group’s Stakeholder, in order to create a unique look and feel for this page to represent their group within Symantec.  The page layout seen here is one of Symantec’s many web page templates; I was given the task of incorporating a “speed” theme into the page design.  Due to the vague nature of client‘s request, many iterations were created before the stakeholder was satisfied with final look of the page, seen here.

The Main banner graphic (above the yellow bar) and the 3 chevron-shaped graphics have the original graphic look that I created -- all of which were created to the of Symantec’s specific branding guidelines (especially for text and color). A style guide was also created for the final layout, in order to help Developers with the special spacing created.

Layout created and compiled in PhotoShop CS5.5.

New imagery was imported into PhotoShop, and modified using layer effects, vector image creation, and masking to incorporate theimagery onto Symantec’s 3 column template.

Final Imagery was then sliced and optimized for the web, which including the header graphic and the three chevron images. I reused The header and chevron imagery for other ads as were requested by the client, to help direct users to the Ghost Group’s page.

Some imagery used on this webpage were sourced on:, Getty images, and Jupiter -- with which Symantec Corp had image purchasing agreements.

Image manipulation, design, and production by Martin Tornil while under contract at Symantec Corp.