GeoTrust Anti-Malware Seal Ads

The goal here was to create various different web-standard-sized ads to advertise GeoTrust‘s new Anti-Malware seal.  In designing the banner ads, I had to work within GeoTrust‘s branded color scheme (orange, blue, white and gray), as well as utilizing only graphic imagery that was part of GeoTrust‘s online library (the woman in the orange ads, which I chose).

Some of the ads also included hand-drawn imagery, which falls within GeoTrust‘s branding scheme and was a requirement of the project.  I created the “monitor” image on the white ads by sketching them out with a stylus pad.

The “Learn More"” call to action buttons and pixel-graphic arrows were also GeoTrust elements that I incorporated in my own way, to make the ads more “clickable”. The “reflective table effect” was an original graphic element that I created to enhance the ad.

Banners created using: PhotoShop CS5.5.

The GeoTrust Anti-Malware seal image was animated as a .gif in PhotoShop. The "Monitor" image was hand-drawn using a Wacom Tablet.

Images, buttons, and fonts were all composited in PhotoShop.

The imagery for these banners follows the branding from the GeoTrust website. The graphic image of the "woman" is part of GeoTrust’s collection of website imagery used by permission for this ad.

The GeoTrust "SCANNED" anti-malware seal designed and animated by:  Izabella Csaszar.

The "monitor" image was hand-drawn by:  M. Tornil.

The tagline for the ads: "How can you Trust your site..." was written by:  M. Tornil.

Layout and composition by:  M. Tornil