VeriSign Firesheep page

I created the graphics and ads on this page to advertise and inform about Firesheep (an exploitable firefox browser weakness), and how users could defend themselves against it through VeriSign's services.  In order to create this project, I took a screenshot of a current 3 column page and then added the 3 original square ads that are right under the: "Learn How to Protect..." byline.  I also cleaned up and reformatted the 3 supplied graphics under the "How Firesheep Works" section; to make them both sharp and Web-friendly.

For the top 3 graphics, I found proper imagery to use for the right 2 square graphics, and also created the layout for the 1st graphic, with the text and main graphic supplied. I also designated some unique spacing for the page, and supplied technical specs for the Developmers regarding that spacing, as well as, special font treatment.

Created in PhotoShop CS5.5.

Removed backgrounds on various images, and composited them into layers through PhotoShop, adding effects to various imagery as needed -- organized imagery clusters into folders.  Set type according to branding guidelines as well as any special typesetting for the ads and/or page.

Some imagery on this page was supplied by Symantec/Verisign’s image source site:  Other images were provided by the Always-on SSL group -- mostly the 1, 2, 3 graphics and their black backgrounds, as well as the Whitepaper image.

Layout of the 3 top ads and final page composition by Martin Tornil.