"Bike Nevada" Banner Ad

This Flash banner ad was created in order to attract mountain bikers to visit the “Mountain-Bike Nevada website” through the animated display of the enticing wild landscape of Nevada -- in a rather visual way, with as little text as possible.  The banner itself is a “call to action”, as clicking on the banner will launch the website in a new browser window.

Banner created using:  PhotoShop, Illustrator, Edge Animate, Adobe Media Encoder, and Flash.

This ad was created using timeline-based animation in Flash.  Most objects were hand-drawn in Flash and then converted into reusable MovieClips and Graphic objects; some graphic images were modified in PhotoShop and Illustrator and then imported into Flash.  Tweening and masking were other Flash animation techniques utilized.

Once the SWF was finalized for this banner, it was exported as a .mov video file.  Adobe Media Encoder was then utilized to translate the video file into an opitmized MP4 file.  The MP4 file was then imported into Edge Animate where any needed interactivity was added, and the content is adapted to be resizable and dynamic.  The final Edge Animate video file and accompanying javascript/Jquery files were then imported back into the HTML file for final Website inclusion.

Some images used via permission of Corbis.com.  Otherwise, all imagery and animation © 2007 -- Martin F. Tornil