The Barron Lab Web Site

This site is an update on Barron Lab’s orignial website created back in 2007, which was a static web-based site created in XHTML.  Since many things had changed with the Barron Lab after the original site was created, I did a major reconstruction of the old site in 2017 -- so it could be cross-device and cross-browser friendly, and also a better representation of the lab's current focus and the change in it's physical location.  This new site can now be easily viewed on smart phones, tablets, and web browsers and is also currently being hosted by Stanford's server.   

Recently NPR's "Shots" column recognized Annelise Barron's work with Lung Surfactants, and linked the newly created Barron Lab site to their article.

I created the branding style for the site, and UI, with a color scheme centered around Stanford’s "Cardinal Red" to work in harmony with light-blue and white; and in harmony with the color scheme of the scientific imagery located on the site's masthead.  The site also has several drop down menus and pop-up windows utilized to make the site both compact and user-friendly.  Overall, the site design is meant to attract future collaborators and investors to the lab, as well as, to entice future lab members. This site is meant to be an easy-to-use information source and research paper depository for current and former lab members.

Applications used:  PhotoShop, Illustrator, and DreamWeaver.

Special interactivity programmed in:  javascript, Jquery, CSS3 and HTML5.

The Web Layout was composed in Illustrator, with special image effects added in PhotoShop.

This dynamic site was designed to work across devices, with special interactivity and animation coded in both jquery and javascript. Attached style sheets control the styling of HTML and the jquery animation.

All imagery and written content provided by permission of the Barron Lab at Stanford.

Four leaf clover figure concept:  Annelise Barron.

Design, coding, and layout © 2018 by Martin F. Tornil.